Team Tour #1 Week 1

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Team Tour #1 Week 1

Post by Recep on Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:15 pm

Round 1

Podge's Eyes           vs         Crabby Patty

Doctor Ishida         Mono       Guard Spider
Sam Crowe            OU         Void Bayleef
Warden Cept         UU         Chief Sokka
Guard DizzyNinja    NU         Director Arcy
Guard da Podge      LC          Guard Arley

Titties on Dong         vs         Cept x Slurmz

Guard Brawl           Mono       Slurmz
Warden Rock           OU         Artz Drago
Master Janitor         UU         guard garchomp
WardenTheBeast      NU         KGBeast
Asylum Doctor Evil   LC          Guard BobbyV

Deadline: Monday 2/9/15 11:59 PM Est
If I'm not on when the battle happens reply with the replay.


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